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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I received a call today for a job I was offered last week. You see, I have resigned about two weeks ago and now I am on a job-hunt. Although I have been receiving offers from some BPO companies, I am also looking at other opportunities, writing or blogging including. I find internet fascinating. How you can go from one site to another on the tip of your finger. Its just like reading through book pages only easier.

So the job, I was told its gonna be a "one-man", well woman if I'm any luckier, work. A friend I told about it made a comment "Wala kang magiging kaibigan dyan." I know she meant no harm, but I'm quite certain I'd still be able to create friendship from the other teams. Yeah, none's gonna stop me. Because when the recruiter outlined the job description, it just got me so interested. I thought to myself, this is just entirely brand new. Its like managing your own micro-blogging site. You'll work on the internet all of the time, but responsibly. And to be handpicked for the job when all I did the last few years was customer service, is just oh-verwhelming!

Best of luck to me!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where did it go?

I have been browsing pages to pages of job seeker websites looking for a new job. I turned 34 a few days ago and I have been wondering to myself, how far have I gone with this industry? I have been working with BPOs in the last ten years, and this is all I got. While it used to be rewarding, I now realized that it isn't all about the money. While it was a fun idea earning heaps (or at least that's how it was), I thought to myself other that monetary, what else do I reward my self of? In a day in day out fad of the same s**t only different day. 

I took Mass Communications in college with the hope of becoming a discjock. FM radios were all over, and I listen to the kinds of RX, LS and Magic. On a more relaxing day, I tune to Crossover. This had me listening to radio DJs in between airplays and created an admiration on the spontaneity when they talk about anything. I remember the Chico and Delamar show in the mornings of my travel to school. It was very entertaining and they have a new topic each day. And it wasn't a baduy tandem, like maka ere lang. Lately I have been over radio stations contents that will makes me think, is this how KBP rules the broadcasting industry? Imagine the content. But of course, its not all of it. 

Then I turn a full stop from there. Why did I not pursue my college dream? Why did I let go of that talent I know I have? I am articulate. And back in school, I won awards for writing and held symposiums to showcase talents of Broadcasting students. What does that mean? I could have made it as a writer or in events and maybe even the media itself. But I was too lazy then. I see my classmates during practicums as PA and they do this and that according to the seniors. I hate taking commands or orders. Even at home, and because that's how i was raised. I think that was a bad thing. So I went the other way, the laid back one. And BPO was rising then, with handsome salary packages. You just have to talk. And I can do that. I became so comfortable and it took me 12 years of my life before I realized that there was something else I wanted to do. My then classmates now produces for TV news or magazine show segments. They have sticked to that path of career.  Some I know are with the PIO. I said to myself I could have been there too. Or I could have been a journalist. There is something else I am more capable of, but was too sheltered to have tried. But now I define  a career as earning on something you always have wanted to do. And this time I am not missing on that.

I will continue to look at these webpages and submit applications until I'm given that opportunity I let go years ago. Because I don't want that moment, when life has dawned on me and I am recollecting memories, and ask where did it go? 

Monday, July 23, 2012

No Nips, All Tucked

I had to create me a new blog page. The other one which was pre-installed in my Blackberry was so difficult for me to learn. I am such a neophyte for an advance application/program. I wanted to take steps one by one. 

The other blog was an entry for Philippine Wacoal Corporation's blogging competition I joined-in in June. It was such a thrilling experience. I just tried my luck in blogging and shared my experience on how my body transformed into a worse form post deliveries, with a little hope in my pocket to bag the prize. But I didn't because maybe, at one point, I neglected my duty as a contestant. 

I wasn't on the loosing end though. In fact, with a short of an entry, Wacoal picked my blogged to be rewarded. Boy, was I so glad! So last Friday I went to their Makati office to collect my reward. Teehee! I had hoped they are GCs. Easier for me to go to one outlet to another. Although, I already had an idea it would be actual products. And yes, I am picking up Wacoal products. Their main office in Makati stocks most of that in their catalogue. I was just so stoked I have forgotten to take photos of me setting foot there and meeting the pretty and very accommodating Marketing Officer, Michelle. She was nice and helpful. I was unsure of my size, and haven't bought a new undie since February, and she helped with my measure. She even taught me on how to properly wear a bra so the side of the breast, those flabs that extends to the back, hides away. None of the sales assistant taught me of that before. Although they know how to measure and get you the correct size, and if it fits then its sold. But of course a person from  marketing must know the product and what's worth to buy it. And Michelle is doing a great job right there. Not to mention how patient she was to me, choosing one item to another and another and.... 

After trying on some pieces of bras and girdles, I have made a decision. My first pick is a convertible brassiere. Its thinly padded cups and the underwire provides full support. Very comfortable and versatile, you can wear it to almost any outfit. On a shirt, in a tube top or on a dress. Its similar to the one below, except I have it in lavender. 

I took my photos to show our body appearance depending on what's worn underneath, I wanted to share with you my own. The following photos feature me wearing Wacoal on the left, and the on the right, on a brand I am not dropping :)

 On a shirt

                                                            In a tube top

                                                            Worn on a dress

I love how its so comfortable, its like a silhouette. Take a closer look at the photo me wearing the tube top and the straps were removed, its like bra-less, without being seamless. I admire how my breasts looked natural there. So imagine wearing a seamless undie by Wacoal, you can create an imagination that you're wearing just skin beneath. That's really sexy!

Oh but my rewards did not end there. I get to choose one more item. And I chose a girdle. Uhuh, a girdle. In the above photos, really I am not wearing any. My frontal looks fine but that would not mean this body will not require a girdle. Look at the photo below.

                                                Without the corset-like girdle

Yes, ladies, that's a back. Note that I am wearing a roomy dress. Did you see how I developed a booby pair? That's how bad my upper back has become. I am too lazy to work out. I can always start a work out and a diet plan, then stop mid-point. That explains. I know a surgery can help remove that booby, but I cannot afford it. So when I read that I am to receive gifts, I browsed their online catalogue and sort of window-shopped, I want to be prepared. And my second pick was a girdle for the upper body that is comparable to a corset, an inner garment in the 1600s worn by many women to improve shape.

                                            Locks in the front are ease of use

I picked an old rose because skintone stocks ran out. That's selling like pancakes, and I won't be surprised because I know the results.

                                                                 Sexy back 

Yep, that before and after photos in white dress are both me. I was even pulling the front of the dress but imagine how the fats and the saggy back are tucked without the expensive cost of a surgery. Plus its bone-like plastic material sewn on the garment is designed scientifically it raises and shapes the breasts,tightens the midriff, support the back and tucks the sag, and improves posture. It has addressed all my problem areas, especially the back. 

I can't be more thankful to Wacoal Philippines for this wonderful gift that came a week ahead of my birthday.  And I am sure that many women like myself has been very grateful that a product as such was introduced in the country. It creates a confidence knowing that Wacoal continues to develop products that supports womanhood in every form.

Thank you Philippine Wacoal Corporation!

Philippine Wacoal Corporation is housed at 6788 Ayala Ave Makati City. Contact their office between 9AM to 6PM at  8925706.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Started it All

Last month, I joined in a contest with all the excitement and high hopes of bagging the major prize. It was a writing contest. I thought I’d joined in because the prizes really made me salivate. And it’s for a product I truly have been using in the fifteen years. Yes, for almost two decades. Although I also try other products on the side. But I always go back to the favorite brand.

I’m talking about a lingerie brand that through the years has proven its quality and reliability, not just to me but to all of the ladies all over the globe. They would have not stood out and maintained the name for years if not so.

Wacoal is a popular brand amongst women. I remember I was about 19 when I first had a brassiere of this brand. It has become my favorite. Back then girls of my age are not familiar with the brand. And do not like the idea of wired bras. Sorci hasn't been created.

My Wacoal underwear/s stayed in the drawer for a little over ten years. A decade. Yes. I used it for a decade (I’m not sure if it was a good idea to use undergarments for that long). The only reason I had to keep it away was because my body sized started to blow up uncontrollably. But if not for my own size, I think I should still be able to use them. Its elastics did worn out a little, maybe 30% less from the original form, but I have to say for a garment to retain the same form for over a decade is really something.

Wacoal has gained my respect from the beginning. I have used many other brands before it, in fact continues to try other brands. Thus the comparison. I have used a popular American underwear brand that designed cute bras and I used to be head over heels about it. But these bras or undies fade away after a year or two. It loses its original form after a number of washing. It’s costly against what it can deliver, money down the drain I tell you. You see, my mother does not know anything about underwear care, at least maybe then. So she’d just push the button and spin in the washing machine. And my mother has the same treatment for all garments, regardless. But Wacoal stood the test. Despite the injustice it was given when being washed, it maintained its good form. But please do not try this at home. And I think that Mom has learnt of underwear care, well after so many attempts of educating her.

But of course it was not just the quality material that’s a salute to Wacoal. I vividly can remember how my breasts are better formed every time I am wearing one. I even remembered an ex who commented that my breasts were fake, because it changes appearance form time to time. Oh my, boys! How could one say such when he did not even feel it!?

And oh yes, my breasts. They have changed a lot especially after pregnancies. And my tummy, and the back. The entire body has changed but not to my favor. And I cannot afford a surgery. So when this blogging contest came up, I excitedly send in an entry. Besides I have been wanting to create a blog, so this must be a good start. And I was very excited to win the goodies from Philippine Wacoal Corporation. Imagine all I had to do was write about my own body. That was early in June. But honestly with all the workloads, the contest totally went off my mind. Until the 18th of this month when I had to skip work. So I stayed home in the afternoon and browsed the net. And I checked Philippine Wacoal’s page in Facebook to check if the sale is still on, then I remembered about the blog contest. I did not win, but for some reason I wanted to look at my blog. You see, I am not a regular blogger, I only started doing so because I reallllly wanted to win. The prize Philippine Wacoal gave away was too handsome, it could buy me undergarments for a year. Upon logging in to my blog, I was thrilled! I did not get any of the major prize but they were still giving me goodies! Oh my! This is the first time in my entire life I am getting freebies from an uber favorite brand! I’m walking on clouds and wanted to turn the clock ‘til its Friday.

So Friday came. I went to meet Philippine Wacoal’s Marketing Officer, the young and pretty Michelle. She is just so nice, and very welcoming. I thought I was getting GCs and then go to an outlet and shop. But no, I was to choose from the stocks in the office. I have to thank Michelle for being so accommodating. She helped all through-out. It was just like really shopping, because she got me the stocks and the sizes I wanted to try on. I had to try a couple of items before I made a decision. And my picks were amazing!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I went to Makati after work. I am picking up some gifts. But the night before, I went to a friend's party. 'Twas her birthday. The morning after that party, I should be at work by 6. But I left the party around 11 PM and had to drop my friend Marvic to Pasay, then went back home to the south. My stomach was aching so bad I bought me chicken lugao and pork-tofu combi from JoeKuan. That was filling and did the fix of the aching tummy. 

That was Thursday night or better yet to say, Friday dawn. In the morning, I woke up on a downpour. It's all wet outside and been raining overnight. But all I have in my head is the exciting idea of me picking up the goodies. And not to mention, that work day be done, because my aching head won't go away. 

Work finally ended and I'm saying hello to the weekend, well, almost. I have to go to Makati.

On the way to Makati with my favorite companion, the partner, I had a thought that I might be picking up GCs instead of the actual goods. So then I thought, "I should have just asked my partner to pick it up on my behalf". That could have saved me the time, stress, expenses and energy. But really I did not ask in what form are the goodies. And I'd be too shy to do so. I made contact to the person who sent an email that I was getting some goodies only last Wednesday, over the phone it was. I haven't met her.

Around 443 PM I set foot in Ayala EDSA and dropped by G5 first because that's where partner's office is housed. I just need a print out of the email I was sent before I can collect the goodies. I need a proof. :P

Then I, well we, weathered Ayala Avenue looking for the building number 6788. The email did not specify what building it was. There were just so many people it added up to my already ill-iness. I go to work daily too, but Northgate passers are not even half of these people. And it's just about 5PM.

Some half an hour before 6 we found 6788.

And I really did not know that this Standard Chartered building was the address we were looking after. While I used to go to an office stone throw from here for over five years. Anyhow, we went up to the office and finished a bit after 6. I forgot I was feeling sicky while I was choosing my items! They weren't GCs. It's like I was shopping :)

Partner wanted to have a quick bite. My mind and stomach wants donut and coffee. But I know he is way too hungry, he'd want rice or anything heavy and not sweet. We went to the opposite building from where we were. And had pizza, pasta, rice and salmon over at Sbarro.
I had salmon in lemon-butter sauce and rice, the only kind of they serve. I had a very bad experience, I will write about it next time.

After the bite, I headed home. It was 736PM. Partner will have to go to the office, he works in the night, you probably know what that is.

I thought I'd share I have squeezed all of these in a whole lot less than a day :D

I'll go back smooching my pillow for now, have I mentioned I am still nursing the headache?