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Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Started it All

Last month, I joined in a contest with all the excitement and high hopes of bagging the major prize. It was a writing contest. I thought I’d joined in because the prizes really made me salivate. And it’s for a product I truly have been using in the fifteen years. Yes, for almost two decades. Although I also try other products on the side. But I always go back to the favorite brand.

I’m talking about a lingerie brand that through the years has proven its quality and reliability, not just to me but to all of the ladies all over the globe. They would have not stood out and maintained the name for years if not so.

Wacoal is a popular brand amongst women. I remember I was about 19 when I first had a brassiere of this brand. It has become my favorite. Back then girls of my age are not familiar with the brand. And do not like the idea of wired bras. Sorci hasn't been created.

My Wacoal underwear/s stayed in the drawer for a little over ten years. A decade. Yes. I used it for a decade (I’m not sure if it was a good idea to use undergarments for that long). The only reason I had to keep it away was because my body sized started to blow up uncontrollably. But if not for my own size, I think I should still be able to use them. Its elastics did worn out a little, maybe 30% less from the original form, but I have to say for a garment to retain the same form for over a decade is really something.

Wacoal has gained my respect from the beginning. I have used many other brands before it, in fact continues to try other brands. Thus the comparison. I have used a popular American underwear brand that designed cute bras and I used to be head over heels about it. But these bras or undies fade away after a year or two. It loses its original form after a number of washing. It’s costly against what it can deliver, money down the drain I tell you. You see, my mother does not know anything about underwear care, at least maybe then. So she’d just push the button and spin in the washing machine. And my mother has the same treatment for all garments, regardless. But Wacoal stood the test. Despite the injustice it was given when being washed, it maintained its good form. But please do not try this at home. And I think that Mom has learnt of underwear care, well after so many attempts of educating her.

But of course it was not just the quality material that’s a salute to Wacoal. I vividly can remember how my breasts are better formed every time I am wearing one. I even remembered an ex who commented that my breasts were fake, because it changes appearance form time to time. Oh my, boys! How could one say such when he did not even feel it!?

And oh yes, my breasts. They have changed a lot especially after pregnancies. And my tummy, and the back. The entire body has changed but not to my favor. And I cannot afford a surgery. So when this blogging contest came up, I excitedly send in an entry. Besides I have been wanting to create a blog, so this must be a good start. And I was very excited to win the goodies from Philippine Wacoal Corporation. Imagine all I had to do was write about my own body. That was early in June. But honestly with all the workloads, the contest totally went off my mind. Until the 18th of this month when I had to skip work. So I stayed home in the afternoon and browsed the net. And I checked Philippine Wacoal’s page in Facebook to check if the sale is still on, then I remembered about the blog contest. I did not win, but for some reason I wanted to look at my blog. You see, I am not a regular blogger, I only started doing so because I reallllly wanted to win. The prize Philippine Wacoal gave away was too handsome, it could buy me undergarments for a year. Upon logging in to my blog, I was thrilled! I did not get any of the major prize but they were still giving me goodies! Oh my! This is the first time in my entire life I am getting freebies from an uber favorite brand! I’m walking on clouds and wanted to turn the clock ‘til its Friday.

So Friday came. I went to meet Philippine Wacoal’s Marketing Officer, the young and pretty Michelle. She is just so nice, and very welcoming. I thought I was getting GCs and then go to an outlet and shop. But no, I was to choose from the stocks in the office. I have to thank Michelle for being so accommodating. She helped all through-out. It was just like really shopping, because she got me the stocks and the sizes I wanted to try on. I had to try a couple of items before I made a decision. And my picks were amazing!

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