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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I went to Makati after work. I am picking up some gifts. But the night before, I went to a friend's party. 'Twas her birthday. The morning after that party, I should be at work by 6. But I left the party around 11 PM and had to drop my friend Marvic to Pasay, then went back home to the south. My stomach was aching so bad I bought me chicken lugao and pork-tofu combi from JoeKuan. That was filling and did the fix of the aching tummy. 

That was Thursday night or better yet to say, Friday dawn. In the morning, I woke up on a downpour. It's all wet outside and been raining overnight. But all I have in my head is the exciting idea of me picking up the goodies. And not to mention, that work day be done, because my aching head won't go away. 

Work finally ended and I'm saying hello to the weekend, well, almost. I have to go to Makati.

On the way to Makati with my favorite companion, the partner, I had a thought that I might be picking up GCs instead of the actual goods. So then I thought, "I should have just asked my partner to pick it up on my behalf". That could have saved me the time, stress, expenses and energy. But really I did not ask in what form are the goodies. And I'd be too shy to do so. I made contact to the person who sent an email that I was getting some goodies only last Wednesday, over the phone it was. I haven't met her.

Around 443 PM I set foot in Ayala EDSA and dropped by G5 first because that's where partner's office is housed. I just need a print out of the email I was sent before I can collect the goodies. I need a proof. :P

Then I, well we, weathered Ayala Avenue looking for the building number 6788. The email did not specify what building it was. There were just so many people it added up to my already ill-iness. I go to work daily too, but Northgate passers are not even half of these people. And it's just about 5PM.

Some half an hour before 6 we found 6788.

And I really did not know that this Standard Chartered building was the address we were looking after. While I used to go to an office stone throw from here for over five years. Anyhow, we went up to the office and finished a bit after 6. I forgot I was feeling sicky while I was choosing my items! They weren't GCs. It's like I was shopping :)

Partner wanted to have a quick bite. My mind and stomach wants donut and coffee. But I know he is way too hungry, he'd want rice or anything heavy and not sweet. We went to the opposite building from where we were. And had pizza, pasta, rice and salmon over at Sbarro.
I had salmon in lemon-butter sauce and rice, the only kind of they serve. I had a very bad experience, I will write about it next time.

After the bite, I headed home. It was 736PM. Partner will have to go to the office, he works in the night, you probably know what that is.

I thought I'd share I have squeezed all of these in a whole lot less than a day :D

I'll go back smooching my pillow for now, have I mentioned I am still nursing the headache?

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