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Monday, July 23, 2012

No Nips, All Tucked

I had to create me a new blog page. The other one which was pre-installed in my Blackberry was so difficult for me to learn. I am such a neophyte for an advance application/program. I wanted to take steps one by one. 

The other blog was an entry for Philippine Wacoal Corporation's blogging competition I joined-in in June. It was such a thrilling experience. I just tried my luck in blogging and shared my experience on how my body transformed into a worse form post deliveries, with a little hope in my pocket to bag the prize. But I didn't because maybe, at one point, I neglected my duty as a contestant. 

I wasn't on the loosing end though. In fact, with a short of an entry, Wacoal picked my blogged to be rewarded. Boy, was I so glad! So last Friday I went to their Makati office to collect my reward. Teehee! I had hoped they are GCs. Easier for me to go to one outlet to another. Although, I already had an idea it would be actual products. And yes, I am picking up Wacoal products. Their main office in Makati stocks most of that in their catalogue. I was just so stoked I have forgotten to take photos of me setting foot there and meeting the pretty and very accommodating Marketing Officer, Michelle. She was nice and helpful. I was unsure of my size, and haven't bought a new undie since February, and she helped with my measure. She even taught me on how to properly wear a bra so the side of the breast, those flabs that extends to the back, hides away. None of the sales assistant taught me of that before. Although they know how to measure and get you the correct size, and if it fits then its sold. But of course a person from  marketing must know the product and what's worth to buy it. And Michelle is doing a great job right there. Not to mention how patient she was to me, choosing one item to another and another and.... 

After trying on some pieces of bras and girdles, I have made a decision. My first pick is a convertible brassiere. Its thinly padded cups and the underwire provides full support. Very comfortable and versatile, you can wear it to almost any outfit. On a shirt, in a tube top or on a dress. Its similar to the one below, except I have it in lavender. 

I took my photos to show our body appearance depending on what's worn underneath, I wanted to share with you my own. The following photos feature me wearing Wacoal on the left, and the on the right, on a brand I am not dropping :)

 On a shirt

                                                            In a tube top

                                                            Worn on a dress

I love how its so comfortable, its like a silhouette. Take a closer look at the photo me wearing the tube top and the straps were removed, its like bra-less, without being seamless. I admire how my breasts looked natural there. So imagine wearing a seamless undie by Wacoal, you can create an imagination that you're wearing just skin beneath. That's really sexy!

Oh but my rewards did not end there. I get to choose one more item. And I chose a girdle. Uhuh, a girdle. In the above photos, really I am not wearing any. My frontal looks fine but that would not mean this body will not require a girdle. Look at the photo below.

                                                Without the corset-like girdle

Yes, ladies, that's a back. Note that I am wearing a roomy dress. Did you see how I developed a booby pair? That's how bad my upper back has become. I am too lazy to work out. I can always start a work out and a diet plan, then stop mid-point. That explains. I know a surgery can help remove that booby, but I cannot afford it. So when I read that I am to receive gifts, I browsed their online catalogue and sort of window-shopped, I want to be prepared. And my second pick was a girdle for the upper body that is comparable to a corset, an inner garment in the 1600s worn by many women to improve shape.

                                            Locks in the front are ease of use

I picked an old rose because skintone stocks ran out. That's selling like pancakes, and I won't be surprised because I know the results.

                                                                 Sexy back 

Yep, that before and after photos in white dress are both me. I was even pulling the front of the dress but imagine how the fats and the saggy back are tucked without the expensive cost of a surgery. Plus its bone-like plastic material sewn on the garment is designed scientifically it raises and shapes the breasts,tightens the midriff, support the back and tucks the sag, and improves posture. It has addressed all my problem areas, especially the back. 

I can't be more thankful to Wacoal Philippines for this wonderful gift that came a week ahead of my birthday.  And I am sure that many women like myself has been very grateful that a product as such was introduced in the country. It creates a confidence knowing that Wacoal continues to develop products that supports womanhood in every form.

Thank you Philippine Wacoal Corporation!

Philippine Wacoal Corporation is housed at 6788 Ayala Ave Makati City. Contact their office between 9AM to 6PM at  8925706.

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