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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I received a call today for a job I was offered last week. You see, I have resigned about two weeks ago and now I am on a job-hunt. Although I have been receiving offers from some BPO companies, I am also looking at other opportunities, writing or blogging including. I find internet fascinating. How you can go from one site to another on the tip of your finger. Its just like reading through book pages only easier.

So the job, I was told its gonna be a "one-man", well woman if I'm any luckier, work. A friend I told about it made a comment "Wala kang magiging kaibigan dyan." I know she meant no harm, but I'm quite certain I'd still be able to create friendship from the other teams. Yeah, none's gonna stop me. Because when the recruiter outlined the job description, it just got me so interested. I thought to myself, this is just entirely brand new. Its like managing your own micro-blogging site. You'll work on the internet all of the time, but responsibly. And to be handpicked for the job when all I did the last few years was customer service, is just oh-verwhelming!

Best of luck to me!

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