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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where did it go?

I have been browsing pages to pages of job seeker websites looking for a new job. I turned 34 a few days ago and I have been wondering to myself, how far have I gone with this industry? I have been working with BPOs in the last ten years, and this is all I got. While it used to be rewarding, I now realized that it isn't all about the money. While it was a fun idea earning heaps (or at least that's how it was), I thought to myself other that monetary, what else do I reward my self of? In a day in day out fad of the same s**t only different day. 

I took Mass Communications in college with the hope of becoming a discjock. FM radios were all over, and I listen to the kinds of RX, LS and Magic. On a more relaxing day, I tune to Crossover. This had me listening to radio DJs in between airplays and created an admiration on the spontaneity when they talk about anything. I remember the Chico and Delamar show in the mornings of my travel to school. It was very entertaining and they have a new topic each day. And it wasn't a baduy tandem, like maka ere lang. Lately I have been over radio stations contents that will makes me think, is this how KBP rules the broadcasting industry? Imagine the content. But of course, its not all of it. 

Then I turn a full stop from there. Why did I not pursue my college dream? Why did I let go of that talent I know I have? I am articulate. And back in school, I won awards for writing and held symposiums to showcase talents of Broadcasting students. What does that mean? I could have made it as a writer or in events and maybe even the media itself. But I was too lazy then. I see my classmates during practicums as PA and they do this and that according to the seniors. I hate taking commands or orders. Even at home, and because that's how i was raised. I think that was a bad thing. So I went the other way, the laid back one. And BPO was rising then, with handsome salary packages. You just have to talk. And I can do that. I became so comfortable and it took me 12 years of my life before I realized that there was something else I wanted to do. My then classmates now produces for TV news or magazine show segments. They have sticked to that path of career.  Some I know are with the PIO. I said to myself I could have been there too. Or I could have been a journalist. There is something else I am more capable of, but was too sheltered to have tried. But now I define  a career as earning on something you always have wanted to do. And this time I am not missing on that.

I will continue to look at these webpages and submit applications until I'm given that opportunity I let go years ago. Because I don't want that moment, when life has dawned on me and I am recollecting memories, and ask where did it go? 

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